Nickname: bitmaster1

Name: Chantha Lueung
Job Title: Community Engagement / Dev
Experience: Chantha has over 21 years of trading experience and has been a full-time Crypto trader since 2013. Chantha founded in 2016. Before starting in the crypto world, Chantha was a Relations Manager at NR Toyota.
Fun Fact: Chantha is captivated with sustainable technologies such as power production, food production, housing and bioremediation. Chantha also likes to take things apart.


Name: Willam W. 
Job Title: Developer

Experience:  Flapmin has..been in crypto since 2014. His avatar will probably be familar to alot of you. He is best known for his creation of the Flappy reincarnation FlapX and the work done on Saturn 3. Not only is he a Code whiz, his newest venture Nerd Labs is becoming your one stop shop for your crypto needs. With his years invested in crypto, he has dabbled in just about every aspect of the tech, and with his blockchain  expierence he has become a huge asset to this team.

Fun Fact: His favorite sweet treat is Peeps, and they have to be the yellow ones


Name: K. White 
Job Title:  Wallet design & Artwork / Dev

Experience:  Being the newest to crypto out of all of them hasn't stopped him from making a big impression on the scene. He is a developer on and also brought you those lovely Sat3 Girls and artwork of Saturn 3 wallet , not to mention, he also is the one to thank for the FlapX wallet. During this time he has also started making a name for himself and his Radio Show "For The Hoarde" on  Be sure to catch the radio plays that he and the Sat 3 krew have begun to tikle your earballs with. 

Fun Fact :  He plays with legos. 



Name: Jeremy Lee

Nickname:  Krewshul
Job Title:  Tech Support and Promotions  (troll)

Experience:  Jeremy may be better known as Krewshul on his Talk Radio Show "Krewshul Krosshairs" and interviewing the developers of new coins and trying to bring honesty to crypto. You may even see his name on the dev team of NETcoin and Saturn 3. And when he is not immersed in the world of crypto he is a claims examiner/customer advocate for a global life insurance company.

Fun Fact : he fully admits that he wants to steal DaGoofMan's  lego's